The method behind this madness

This website is the playground of a guy named Bill. He's been noodling on it for around 20 years because he likes to share things with the world.

He likes useful technology, simple productivity hacks, and drawing pictures of little creatures (such as the ones on the background of this page).

Why "útilware"? He's always been interested in simple, useful things, and "útil" means "useful" in Spanish. As far as the "ware" part of the name, this site started off as a place for people to find and download some Palm software that he had written, like his Palm Mirror.

This website was hand-coded using Coda on an iPad and an iPhone, and TacoHTML (RIP) on a Mac. It does not contain any tracking code, although it does use the Source Sans Pro webfont from Google.

You can reach him at bill@{the URL for this website}.

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