Hey, hey, good people!

I'm currently a Principal and Cofounder at Create with Context, a design strategy consulting firm based in Santa Clara, California. I’ve spent my career observing humans and creating digital experiences that they love. I focus on 'what could be' (from the big picture to the pixel) with a global perspective, a deep understanding of technology, and a business mindset.

I like sharing things with the world (like my Getting Sh-t Done method and thoughts on autonomous vehicles). After hours, I like to snowboard, drive my Subaru WRX through the hills surrounding Silicon Valley, and draw pictures of little robots with big emotions.

(Why is this site called "útilware"? I've always been interested in simple, useful things, and "útil" means "useful" in Spanish. As far as the "ware" part of the name, this site started off as a place for people to find and download a variety of mobile software that I had written, like my Palm Mirror.)

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