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Writing shorts.

How many hours

How many hours, collectively,
has humanity sat, waiting,
watching spinners spin,
hourglasses tumble,
progress bars not progress?

What could we have done
in that same amount of time,
all that humanity as one?

Could we have reached
a pinnacle of achievement,
a deeper meaning,
a perfect result ...
in Candy Crush?


Black coffee calls me
Beans and just enough water
To make them liquid

Come close

"Come close", she said,
"For answers you seek, and in truth I deal.

There are beginnings, and there are ends.
There arise enemies, and there die friends.

Walk with me, talk with me, tell me your pains.
For I will listen, glisten, shimmer in the sunset –

As I pace, pause, and finally reveal."

The tree

As the tree grows,
one never knows –
which ways the branch goes
nor where the wind blows.


"Effervescence," he said,
"That's where they get their grace,"

As we watched as they swirled,
curled, twirled, and unfurled;

"The beauty is in the steps,
that's how you can tell -
which ones are balanced,
and which ones are unwell."

That smoke

That smoke you taste, when the hill
fires burn down into the city?
It's trees, shrubs, personal possessions,
that favorite shirt, heirlooms, memories.

A halt

"Time heals all wounds," she said,
her back to the window at the cafe,
people eating and talking, oblivious.

But she knew, and I knew, that time is malleable,
And sometimes it comes to a halt.

The beach

Children laughing, running, picking up shells,
footprints between flotsam and jetsam.

As the ocean reels,
disgorging its dead
onto the sandy shores

For us to avoid, laughing, running,
off for a snack.

Nobody told me

No one told me
there would be hair
emerging - seemingly overnight -
from places heretofore barren
(a cheek, a chest, an elbow):
Wiry, off-color, and curious.
Much like,
I must add,
the person I aspire to become.


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