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The game that you can't have.

I've always loved the falling block game. There's a certain flow, a zen if you will, to be had when dropping those little blocks *just right* into the space below. I've bought several versions of the game over the years – amazingly, its been ported to more than 70 platforms.

However, as the game has evolved, it has become increasingly noisy: sound effects, bonuses, animations, colors, background animations, leader boards, modes, objectives, marathons. All the trappings of modern mobile gaming.

I wanted an ultimate chill version of the game. Something I could play while watching TV, and look away from when the show gets good. Something that doesn't stress, but relaxes. So I fired up Xojo, my favorite tool for quickly building apps, and got to work. (Not an ad, just love their product.)

And I proceeded to create an app tailored just to me:
- Soothing mid-century modern color scheme, courtesy of chatGPT and the poor sucker who put it on the web for chatGPT to scrape
- No sound effects, visual effects, or other extraneous stuff
- No time limits
- No high score tracking across games
- Calming 'the piece has already dropped' gameplay
- Fun round blocks before the piece has been put into place

But, unfortunately, I can't share it with you. The Tetris people are rightfully protective of their game. But I can create it for purely personal use, and it's been a blast. Xojo, a couple of evenings of coding, and a new relaxing toy.

Oh, and about the name. The "(r)" refers to the fact you can only rotate to the right. As for the rest of it, I'm a 13-year-old boy deep inside.


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