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Rebooting Kindle boy.

Ok, I need to get this off my chest. I'm kind of tired of the Kindle Boy.

You know, that damn kid on the app icon: Sitting there under the stars, smugly reading Erudite Great Literature™ of the Western World whilst being serenaded by a flock of Hoary Pufflegs as they whistle or tweet or whatever they do. Yeah. This guy:

Current Kindle icon, with the silhouette of a boy reading a book while sitting on an incline

Not only that ... but the Kindle icon doesn't fit in with the macOS Monterey icon design and aesthetic: It's bigger and it's not that official newish weird ovaloid shape. If I weren't so trite, I would have just ignored it. But I couldn't. I had to ... do something.

A quick trip over to Pexels.com and I came across this photo by Ron Loch of a woman sitting on a sofa reading a newspaper. Perfect. A few minutes in Pixelmator Pro, Keynote, and Preview, and we have this:

My recommended Kindle icon, with the silhouette of a woman reading a magazine

Ahh, that's better. An adult, reclining, enjoying her reading without a hint of grandiosity, under the stars. And with that, a tiny hesitation is removed every time I reach for the Kindle icon. Perhaps, just perhaps, I'll actually read now.

Want to, er, adjust your own Kindle.app? Right-click this one, save it, Get Info your Kindle app, and drop it onto the icon well:

P.S. If you're the Kindle Boy, please don't take it personally. It could have been anyone - even a cute doggy reading a book - and eventually I'd have needed a change. And congrats on getting your likeness into the hands of millions (billions?) of people around the world. Pretty epic, actually.


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