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On having a favorite pen.

Two pens, side by side, along with the text that appears below in this webpage

When I was growing up, my father always carried six things with him: a fat wallet, a small coin purse, his keys, a Swiss Army knife, a small stack of notes, and a pen.

But he didn't carry just any pen. He always carried a black Pentel Sign Pen ("The Original Fiber Tipped Pen!"), first released in 1968.

I still remember that satisfying 'click' the cap would make when you placed it over the tip.

Little did I realize at the time that I, too, would eventually have an everyday carry: a slim wallet, a Swiss Army knife, a small notebook, and a pen.

And similarly, I don't carry just any pen. I always carry a 0.5mm black Uni-Ball VISION ELITE Micro pen ("Designed to compensate for rapid changes in air pressure, the VISION ELITE is the ultimate rollerball choice for the frequently-flying business person or artist.").

Blood runs deep.


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