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This is my /now page, inspired by Derek Silvers' nownownow concept. Last updated 6/2022.

Projects I'm working on now

Figuring out how to best help my 16-year-old dog who is effectively deaf, blind, and losing control of his limbs, but still very much the same dog as always

Noodling on a replacement for the Field Notes notebooks that I've been carrying around for several years now. I'm getting kind of frustrated that the covers get bent up when they're in my pocket, and am thinking about a less-linear approach to note taking. Currently it's made up of a piece of plastic (thick enough to not get damaged in the pocket, but thin enough to flex when I move), the corner of a transparent plastic page protector, a binder clip, some double-sided tape, and Baron Fig Strategist Index Cards which truly are worth the cost.

Trying to get back into drawing on the iPad by finally re-subscribing to Paper by WeTransfer

Quickly educating myself on VR and AR due to my new role at work

Realizing I need to update my wardrobe now that I'll be going to an office periodically

Preparing for an adventure trip later this year

Previously (newest first)

Finished reading the fascinating Shady Characters, which has forever changed how I look at punctuation, symbols, and typographical marks like ¶ ☞ and †

↑ Exploring potential designs for furniture to build for my home office

Wrote up a page about travels to Iceland

Building massive shelves (15' x 4' x 9'6" or 4.5m x 1.2m x 3m) in our garage from raw 2x4s and OSB panels to temporarily hold 92 moving boxes

Redrawing the map for Bear Valley for myself and my family

Finally giving up on trying to use multiple smaller monitors (in both landscape and portrait orientation) when working from home, and replacing it all with a single 4k 50" TV (see this thread from Matthaeus Krenn about big monitors)

Attempting to repair, and ending up having to replace, a dead microwave

Successfully repairing an oven after Self Cleaning mode burnt out its thermostat

Recovering from two slipped discs in my back and returning to snowboarding


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