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This is not simplicity.

A complicated desk phone interface

Somewhere there must be a hidden guidebook - to which I am not privy - that describes in painstaking detail how to take something as simple as a phone and turn it into a seven-headed hydraelectrobeast full of menus and options and preferences and settings.

While I'm neutral on the concept of having a "UI Configuration" menu (under Device Configuration, which itself is under the Settings button), I'm not entirely sure if anyone that hasn't read said hidden guidebook actually knows what it means to "Single Button Barge", which right now is Disabled.

I envision pressing it, and moments later an English butler would come brashly through the door to the conference room, bald pate sweating, the musty air of old leather and fine scotch arriving moments behind him, presenting me with a silver tray, covered with one of those hemispherical dome lids. Upon catching his breath, he - in a state of obvious discomfort for the enforced barging into the room - whisks away the lid to the silver tray, allowing me to bask upon one small button sitting there in the middle of the tray, held by a tiny square of scotch tape to avoid it sliding off unceremoniously into my lap.

After which, of course, I would also have to try pressing "Wideband Handset UI Control".



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