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Nespresso tasting notes.

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A woman smelling a coffee cup with steam coming out of it

A few years back, my wife bought me a Nespresso coffee maker for my birthday. In the matter of a few short weeks it went from a curiosity to a critical component of my morning routine.

And each time that I return to the Nespresso website to procure another drawer full of capsules, I find myself once again selecting among coffees described as having 'gentle spice notes', 'cozy, fall flavors', 'cereal and powerful roasted notes', or 'subtle hints of almond', to name a few. For months, I carefully sipped each of the coffee varieties, cupping the steam with my hand, gently inhaling through the nose, closing my eyes for the perfect focus, searching for notes and spices and seasonalities.

And finally – after many, many carefully considered sips of coffee – I have decided to share my tasting notes with anyone else who may find them useful. Please, enjoy:

Nespresso Tasting Notes

Bianco Forte Tastes like coffee.
Caramel Cookie Tastes like coffee.
Chocolate Fudge Tastes like coffee.
Colombia Tastes like coffee.
Hazelino Muffin Tastes like coffee. And someone two rooms over whispering "Hazelnut".
Melozio Boost Tastes like coffee.
Odacio Tastes like coffee.
Peru Organic Tastes like coffee.
Solelio Tastes like coffee. But the capsules are a pretty yellow, at least.
Stormio Tastes like coffee.
Vanilla Custard Pie Tastes like coffee.

But, hey, kudos

All that said, no, I've not lost my sense of taste to Covid. I mean, I can still tell the difference between fresh and months-old Peanut M&Ms and Diet Coke (good) from Diet Pepsi (not good).

So kudos to whomever at Nespresso is (a) able to distinguish these coffees to this degree, (b) consistently roast them from pod to pod, and/or (c) the copyrighters/content designers/ delusional English professors that come up with these descriptions.

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Photo via Pixabay (on Pexels)


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