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Lifespan watch.

A busy store

Imagine that you had a watch that, instead of telling you the time, told you how much time you had left to live. Not exactly precisely how much time, but a pretty good guess based on a series of things that you'd type into a website and then update once a year or so; you know: height, weight, diet, family medical history, and all of that.

You'd look at it from time to time; some days it would provide a warm happy feeling, and other days terror or longing. Four-hour meetings would morph from a simple waste of time into a contemplative introspective on the rest of your days. From time to time you'd pull out the instructions, hoping to find that somewhere hidden in the menus there was a pause function, but you'd come up empty.

It would make a great graduation gift, not as good of a retirement gift.

Image source: Anna Marinicheva



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