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Kindle battery life.

A battery life comparison chart: Laptop 5-9 hours, tablet 5-10 hours, smart phone 4-13 hours, Kindle 4 weeks

Here's a bar chart that Amazon used to sell people on the battery life of the Kindle. That blue bar looks pretty damn impressive, huh?

I'm all for infographics that make a point, but this Kindle battery life chart is downright deceiving. Let's do the math: 30 minutes per day x 7 days per week x 4 weeks = 14 hours.

Based on that, let's redraw the chart, eh?

Corrected chart with Kindle shown as 14 hours

Yes, that's right, it's just a notch longer than your smartphone, tablet, or laptop . Sure, the battery might last longer in sleep mode (up to 4 weeks) but then again an iPad can last just as long when sleeping.



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