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Getting sh-t done.

Simple time management

This is the simple English article. You can also read the full English article or en Español.

How GSD started

For many years, I tried to use technology and apps to manage my life. But nothing worked for me. I needed something that was more flexible. One day I bought a paper notebook, and started using it. And it works!

I call my method 'Getting Sh-t Done'.

How it works

All you need is paper and a pen or pencil.

» Step 1: Create a list for today

Do not touch your laptop or phone. Open your notebook to the next empty page. Write the date at the top.

Next, write a list of any tasks you can remember. Do not worry about priorities or organization. On the left of each task, draw a small square. Important: Each task needs to be something you can do today. Not "eat healthy", but "buy 5 new healthy foods at the supermarket."

Then go back in your notebook and look for tasks you did not do. For each one, draw a diagonal line / through the box, and write the task on the list for today. The goal is to move every task onto the list for today. Every task on old pages should have a check (it was done), a diagonal line / (it was moved), or an x (i am not going to do it).

» Step 2: Do your tasks

Look at your list for today. Select 3 or 4 important items, and put little dots in their boxes: . Do only those 3 or 4 items. When you have finished those items, repeat: Select 3 or 4 more important items, and do them.

If you get a new task, add it to the bottom of the list, and do it later.

» Step 3: Make a parking list

Sometimes you will have tasks that do not fit on the today list. For example, maybe you are not ready to start it. For these tasks, create a different parking list. Check your parking list every 2 or 3 days, and move tasks to your today list when you are ready.

» Finished!

One place for your tasks, an easy way to manage them, and no special technology or apps.

More information

This was a simple English article about GSD. For the full, more complex article, click here.


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