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Interesting things from elsewhere on the web. Forever in draft.

Architecture and built environment

BLDGBLOG by Geoff Manaugh since 2004
Curbed NY city, design, real estate, shop
Dezeen broad coverage of architecture and interiors
Design Anthology spotlight on high-end architecture


Dwell home photos tons of home vignettes
est living modern interiors
Home Office Bits lots of annoying "7 essential tips" titles, but great renders/photos


Design Milk little of everything, well-designed
Friends of Friends stories about creatives
Karla Knight 33 Spaceships for Another Planet
Harmony R6 drawing toy; try longfur and loop back on yourself
Mnmll.ist well-designed desk instruments
The Great Discontent stories about creatives
Typeset in the Future fascinating deep-dive into several sci-fi movies
Notable People zoomable globe of where notable people are from

Interesting personal sites

Ángela Burón's blog and wild Photoshoppery
Austin Kleon 'a writer who draws'
Aviva Pinchas eight years as a remote worker
Brian Benchoff hardware and software tinkerer
Chris Glass a cataloger of interesting things
Craig Mod a peripatetic creative in Japan
Derek Sivers thoughtful writer (see the daily diary page)
Dustin Senos polyproject techno creator
Haraldur Thorleifsson multi-talented Icelandic guy
Julia Evans super-prolific programming blogger
Marcin Ignac 'visual explorations of code, color and space'
Marcin Wichary author of the upcoming Shift happens book
Matt Webb prolific thinker about things tech
Max Westerman my son, an up-and-coming engineer
Patrick Hone essayist, commentator, author
Robin Sloan fiction writer and olive oil maker, with a carefully-considered website design
(check out the ooh! directory, as well!)

Plaintext and digital 'second brains'

10 Plain Text Files You Should Have on Your Desktop for Higher Productivity Belle Cooper
Daniel Lucraft on A Plaintext Personal Organizer
Full List of Official No-List Systems on Get Everything Done by Mark Forster
Johnny•Decimal A system to organize projects
Obsidian digital second brain platform
Plain text journaling system and The One-Line-Per-Day … Daily Journal by George Coghill
Plaintext Productivity thoughts by Michael Descy
Markdown and Automation Experiments with 1Writer
The Zettelkasten Method by Abram Demski
Various useful plaintext files to have by Zapier


ACRONYM German clothing
CW&T fascinating products, many related to time (on insta)
Different Scents quality candles for charity
Rissa’s Artistic Design distinctive, one-of-a-kind jewelry
Sherwood Forlee marvelous variety of limited-run products
Ugmonk interesting things for your work-at-home desk


Nayuki software developer in Toronto, Canada
Nikolas Jitkoff prolific technology explorer
Rest of World global perspective on tech
Sampersand Quest/Knight experimental programming languages
Shift Happens a book-in-progress about keyboards
Xojo cross-platform programming language
Omar Rizwan lots of interesting projects
Decker a re-imagined Hypercard for Windows, Mac, and Linux (more here)
Music for programming hand-selected playlists of music for sustained concentration
A (truly) solar-powered website in Barcelona (if it's offline, it ran out of power for now) and an interesting article about it
Desktop Neo rethinking the desktop interface for productivity
Far Lands or Bust Kurt J. Mac is walking to the edge of Minecraft, since March 2011
Advent of Code yearly programming puzzle event; my son places well which makes me happy

Other good stuff

A Diary in Alphabetical Order by Sheila Heti
Drive & Listen see what it's like to drive through various cities while listening to the radio
New York Times Metropolitan Diary little day-in-the-life stories about NYC
New York Times Real Estate pretend house hunting


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