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Dixie Westerman, Artist

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My mother, Dixie Westerman, is an oil painter and watercolorist based in the Midwest

Kansas City Art Institute

"My original interest was in architectural structures and living spaces, and promoting better lives through well-planned environment. This led me to the Kansas City Art Institute and School of Design and a degree in Interior Design with a minor in painting. While there I was introduced to oil painting and watercolor. The watercolor instructor was Glenn Gant" – Dixie Westerman

While active in her career as an interior designer, Dixie painted murals for a variety of commercial and residential clients and stage settings for a local theater group. Since retiring from her career as an interior designer, she now devotes her time to painting.


"The landscapes around my home as I was growing up always intrigued me. The layering of the hills created such distances — the uninterrupted horizon created such vast visual spaces!" – Dixie Westerman

"In my painting, I work with surface patterns, texture and color to form shapes that express that depth, the spaces, and the vastness of the land."

"Tucked within these landscapes are intimate spots of protection and pleasure. I want this to show in my paintings with sometimes aggressive, vital and brilliant colors. I love capturing the elusive character of the land." – Dixie Westerman

Local flavor

More recently, Dixie has focused on capturing the local flavor that surrounds her, using watercolor to quickly capture what she sees.

"Since life is short, I appreciate the immediacy of watercolor, getting the image down on paper and being ready to catch the next one."

"When I retired I did not want to continue the mechanical perspective drawings of interiors I had been doing, and started painting in oil and watercolor in a much freer technique." – Dixie Westerman


"Landscapes" invitational show, The Swogger Gallery in the Columbian Theater, Wamego, Kansas; "One of Kansas' five more interesting landscape artists."

"Landscapes" solo show, National Gallery of Rural Art in Bonner Springs, Kansas

Exhibition, The Riverfront Gallery in Lawrence, Kansas

Exhibition, "Kansas Visions" Regional Art Exhibitions juried show

Iris at the Basin Contemporary Art and Craft Gallery, Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Eureka Thyme local Fine Arts and Crafts Gallery, Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Featured Artist, Gallery Stroll and Artist Reception, Eureka Springs, Arkansas; "Dixie's watercolors capture the beauty of the Ozarks around and within Eureka Springs."

Participating Artist, PAPES Art of Fine Art Show, Rockspire, Eureka Springs, Arkansas


Most quotes pulled from supplement, "The Lovely County Citizen" newspaper, July 2010


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