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Color series.

black and white series • color series • color box series

Self-portrait of the artist.


Mark, preparing to laugh.

Tonya and her favorite color.

James, happily working from home.

He so ballin'.

Still life with Converse.

Decidedly not ready for bed.

Calvin and his little friend.

Give me those, right this minute!

Simple pleasures.

Ready for a nap.

That roaring fireplace glow.

Decidedly not where he wanted to be.

A touch of intestinal gas.

Not having the best day at work.

Sweating dropping it.

Revisiting a past relationship.

Overly proud of her new haircut.

Yes, it's a Lorde reference.

Theater major with cold hands, unfinished.

Closed all the rings!

(Fading) dreams of global harmony.

Baby, it's cold outside.

Friendly leader.


Unknown flying mechanics.

Still life 001.


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