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This site was generated from a Markdown-to-HTML tool that I developed, which draws heavily from the one in my bespoke text editor. I manage the markdown files themselves using Obsidian. The CSS is hand-coded, and the HTML is as well, in a sense.

The site uses the Overpass and Crete Round fonts from Google Fonts, hosted locally on my web server to avoid the need for scripts that could be used for tracking.

This site does not use any trackers, cookies, affiliate links, or anything else. There are several links to products on Amazon, but I have tried to remove all tracking and referral information from these URLs.

I'm still using Taco HTML Edit from the now-closed Taco Software for HTML and CSS tweaking and testing. Thanks, Taco, whoever you were.

Some stories on this website may have been embellished, mis-remembered, totally made up, or a combination of all three.

No text on this website was generated using AI.

(Ignore this link, it just loads my 404 page.)


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