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Black and white series.

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Suspended devastation.

Colorful thoughts.

A teachable moment, if survived.

Happy to see you (or just hungry).


Ready to thrash.

Carrot ennui.

Inadvertent redirection.

Ready (not really).

Thinking about Seba York (On Tumblr).

Are you ok, Karen?

Gates paints Gates.

Dope trick. If landed.

Warm suspicions, confirmed.

Frank considers pizza for tonight.

Studying (you).

Power of the stylus.

Robot love.

Creepy, or 'Not creepy just Marvin'?

Dragon on a Segway, but why?

Not loving dinner.

Pondering past mistakes.

Head full of bubbles on a Monday night.

Not quite effervescent today.

New perspective.

Evaluating before engaging.

Proud of the new whip.

Sudden realization, years in the making.

How'd that happen?

Chill, but thinking.


Need for speed. And fresh air.


Excision, or exorcism?


Born to skate.




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