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Taking the plunge.

Recently, we purchased a Korky Beehive plunger from Home Depot, based upon a review I saw in New York Times' Wirecutter. I had to leave a review. Of course, the first line of the review is already out of date, as Home Depot has now raised the price by 50% to US$15.

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↑ The actual review, right there on the Home Depot website

"Who knew that a ten buck plunger could bring a Marie Kondo level of joy to my life? That it would restore my image as the guy-who-can-fix-anything in the eyes of my wife, children, and most of all, in-laws?

Through some Machiavellian combination of California low-flow laws, poorly-installed toilets, marginally-trained dogs leaving loafs around the house, and (dare I say?) family genetics, our house has little respite between clogs. And, unfortunately, I am not referring to Dutch visitors with wooden shoes.

Somehow, I have earned the title of 'Chief and Only Plunger and Toilet Problem Solver' within the confines of this home. The other inhabitants gag, gack, and otherwise whine when faced with their own output. And, boy, have I fallen hard into this immutable household role: Even when I had two slipped discs in my lower back, you could find me there at the toilet, contorted so as to avoid further damage to my spine, gripping the handle of my (god forbid) basic plunger, waka-waka-wakaing and getting splashed, desperately wanting to abandon everything and move to the countryside and using a hole in the ground instead.

But, thanks to a random article in the New York Times' Wirecutter, I have found salvation in a nutshell: this almighty and all-powerful rubber-and-plastic stick. My family is amazed with the speed with which I dispatch of their, uh, indiscretions, my dogs are slowly learning to go outside more, my back is finally healing, and I am just a wee bit more proud of myself.

Just remember to read the instructions, angle it, and start slowly."


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