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About me.

A middle-aged white man wearing snow goggles against a snowy background
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I'm Bill. I am a user experience researcher, designer, and strategist based in California. I've worked for and advised companies including Adobe, Apple, AstraZeneca, Banamex, Barclays, Citi, Facebook, Intel, Meta (Messenger, Reality Labs), Microsoft, Nike, and Visa. And I've traveled for work and pleasure to every continent, 44 countries, and over 400 cities.

I like simple productivity tools, useful technology, and drawing pictures of little creatures with large emotions.

This website is my playground, and provides a place where I can share my projects. It's called "útilware" because I've always been interested in simple, useful things; "útil" means "useful" in Spanish; and I like Spanish.



I've been shouting into the void here for 25 years. See something you enjoyed? Let me know.

Instagram: @billofgoods, @too.damn.tall
Threads: @semiperipatetic
Mastodon: @billwesterman@indieweb.social

Email: my first name (see above) at the name of this website


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