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Hi! I'm Bill.

I'm a technologist by training, a user experience strategist by trade, and creative by nature. This website is where I share things I've made. I hope you enjoy it.

Favorite projects

Getting Sh-t Done with my super-simple productivity method
Deep thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold
What it's like to be Too Damn Tall
The flip side of self-driving vehicles
My list of favorite beers


Having fun with those "sorry, wrong number" spam messages
Visualizing the 2023 earthquake in Turkey and Syria
Writing about a fancy new plunger
Nespresso coffee capsule tasting notes
Slow motion smack down from a faulty gall bladder
The pocket knife hack and airport security
Hostess and the Donettes of doom
The incessant blink of a lonely microwave
Stabbing at the air, flailing wildly, unaware
On having a favorite pen
Incentives: the anatomy of an M&M
On my best nap ever, thanks to Glenn, John, and Michelle
Peripatetic homes on urban railroads
Imagining an airplane fight club
Learning what BIC pen ink tastes like
When I was a kid, the most effective punishment was nothing
What if the sun always set at the same time of day?
That time the President saw my bits (or might have been able to, conceivably)
A watch calibrated to your lifespan, not the current time
Exploring the idea of parallel universes
Whatever happens to?
Twenty-three hours to yee-haw
My personal recipe for kale salad
On the adaptive use of space
A collection of very short written things
Beer tasting notes from a tortured soul
Managing chaos with a desk in the closet


Falling hard for RayBan Stories
Creating a bespoke keyboard for my Samsung Galaxy Fold4
The falling block app that you can't have.
Android apps I love, coming from an iPhone
Amazon Cloud Cam and the Cloud-to-Landfill pipeline
Remembering the Hiptop via Evil Overlord
Writing a bespoke text editor
I created the app that turned Palm Pilots into a mirror
Hacking a Wii cable out of thin air
Quite possibly the world’s most perfect computer
Befouling a cathode ray tube
Complaining about Kindle battery life advertising
I'm kind of tired of the Kindle boy; you know, that one under the tree
This is not simplicity
Bemoaning a Black Macbook
Breaking up with a Casio Cassiopeia E-10
Writing the (un)official Octel Lookup


Bare knuckled in the snow on bald tires
Driving to my girlfriend's on a dark and stormy night
The little Garmin that couldn’t
Living large in a 1967 Ford Galaxie 500 sedan
Taking my 2017 Subaru WRX to Laguna Seca (YouTube) for a day


Drought at California's New Melones Lake
Loving Iceland so much we visited it twice
Taking photos in a smoky Yosemite


Drawing: the black and white series, the color series, and the color box series
Making a custom deck of cards for the family
Creating a fresh unofficial map for the Bear Valley Resort
Photos of infrastructure and the built environment
Drawing dotbots on the back of business cards
I've been drawing cars since I was little
Love yellow


Instagram: @billofgoods, @too.damn.tall
Threads: @semiperipatetic
Mastodon: @billwesterman@indieweb.social

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