# Welcome! I'm a technologist by training, experience designer by trade, and creative by nature/nurture. This website is where I come to share things I’ve made (my favorites are marked with ⚡︎). Enjoy! ## Productivity [[getting sh-t done|Getting Sh-t Done]] with my super-simple productivity method ⚡︎ Writing a [[bespoke text editor|bespoke text editor]] when nothing else satisfied Creating a [[galaxy fold keyboard|custom keyboard]] for my Samsung Galaxy Fold4 ## Fun My [[beer list|list of favorite beers]] ⚡︎ Having fun with those [[wrong number|"sorry, wrong number"]] spam messages ⚡︎ Beer [[tasting notes|tasting notes from a tortured soul]] ## Technolush Deep thoughts on the [[galaxy fold|Samsung Galaxy Z Fold]] ⚡︎ Android [[android apps|apps I love]], coming from an iPhone Remembering the Hiptop via [[evil overlord|Evil Overlord]] Quite possibly the [[powerbook 12|world’s most perfect computer]] I created the app that turned Palm Pilots into [[palm mirror|a mirror]] Complaining about [[kindle battery life|Kindle battery life advertising]] Hacking a [[hacking a wii cable|Wii cable]] out of thin air Writing the (un)official [[octel lookup|Octel Lookup]] ## Driving The flip side of [[the flipside of autonomy|self-driving vehicles]] ⚡︎ [[bare knuckled|Bare knuckled in the snow]] on bald tires Driving to my girlfriend’s on a [[dark and stormy|dark and stormy]] night The little [[the little garmin|Garmin that couldn’t]] Taking my 2017 Subaru WRX to [Laguna Seca (YouTube)](https://youtu.be/WRq22kaQN4w) for a day ## Elsewhere Check out these [[elsewhere|other websites]] that I've enjoyed Instagram: [@billofgoods](http://instagram.com/billofgoods), [@too.damn.tall](http://instagram.com/too.damn.tall) Threads: [@semiperipatetic](https://www.threads.net/@semiperipatetic) Mastodon: [@[email protected]](https://indieweb.social/@billwesterman) ∎