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A lifelong passion for pens, pixels, paper, and particles

Highbrow or lowbrow, art is awesome. It connects people across geographies, it entertains, it provides perspective, it becomes an escape and a release. I love putting pen to paper, stylus to pixel, and letting it flow. I never know what I'm going to draw until that first moment, that first twitch, that first stroke. And that's the fun in it all. That, and seeing a smile grow on someone's face when they see the end result.

Catch my latest drawings and photos (when I'm remembering to post) on In the meanwhile, here are some of my favorites:


People thinking, feeling, and staring aimlessly into space. Primarily drawn on an original iPad Mini using Paper by 53 with a road-worn Wacom Bamboo stylus:.

Drawing on the backs of cards

Originally started during a late-night roam of Taipei, and later picking up speed with #inktober, these are little beasties on the back of business cards. Uniball Vision Elite pens and paper.


A big series of people in various emotional states, and a (not-so) subtle nod to Lorde, doubling back on imprecise stylus lines to make them broader and more definitive.


An intense focus on individual items - the camera, the fingers, the Converse - combined with a cow's best friend, takeout food, and an angry robot butterfly.


Drawing on my snowboarding helmet with a silver Sharpie, admiring powerlines in Bangkok, listlessly staring out the taxi window in Moscow, yelling "Stella" in Iceland, and getting a tooth repaired.

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